Xprt Micro LLC announces its opening!

We are expert microbiology consultants for today’s diverse marketplace. As demonstrated with the current pandemic, many industries are affected and are looking for a company to provide guidance, recommendations and strategies to mitigate microbiological contamination risk. This is the mantra of Xprt Micro. Our core competency is centered on regulated businesses such as hospitals, pharmacies, pharma, biotech, medical devices, cosmetics, nutraceuticals and food. We provide a wide range of experience is assessing client operations for microbial contamination control, risk analysis, and strategic planning to provide solutions to unexpected microbiological challenges. 

These are some examples of our widespread projects: 
• Manufacturing assessments for Coronavirus clearance 
• Assisting in pharmacy regulatory remediation 
• Providing verification audits of 3rd party laboratory/calibration services 
• Establishing HAACP programs for food safety 
• Assessing technical expertise and quality systems for laboratory investment acquisition targets 
• Validating new cleanrooms for pharmacy compounding 

Xprt Micro covers a list of topics to provide clients with technical expertise to insure them with more robust decision-making capabilities. Our consultants have expertise in the following: 
• Infections Disease                 • Pharmacology                          • USP Microbiology  
• HVAC Engineering               • Pharmacy Management            • HAACP/Food Safety 
• Sterile Compounding            • GMP/GLP training/auditing      • Viral Clearance
• Cleanroom Design/Build      • Disinfection Efficacy                 • Sterilization Validation
• Personnel training and Education

Francis McAteer is the president and founder of Xprt Micro. His mission is to provide technical microbial expertise to a wide array of markets involved with industries faced with microbiological challenges. This includes: 

• Patient Care Activities          • Sterile Products Manufacturer        • Home Health Care 
• Medical Devices                   • Nutritional Additives                       • Food Safety 
• Biologics                               • Vaccines                                          • Hospital Networks 
• Investment Advisors             • Laundry Associations                     • Architectural Design
• Engineering Services            • Facility Management                       • Cosmetics
• Pharmacy Compounding      • Group Purchasing Organizations       
• Personnel Protective Equipment Manufacturers

This wide-ranging group of clients sometimes requires comprehensive microbiological knowledge, expertise and application. This is the goal of Xprt Micro. Our strategies and tactics are customized to the goals of the client and involves baseline assessments, failure risk analysis, strategic development plan and hands-on implementation. It is applicable to product development, contamination control, fiduciary advisement, design consultation, process validations and proof of principle verification. Xprt Micro provides an up-to-date approach on current microbiology-based issues critical to our clients’ immediate needs. 

Xprt Micro also has 3rd party relationships with laboratories and calibration services if needed.

We'd love the opportunity to help you and appreciate your business! Please contact us at contact@xprtmicro.com
Xprt Micro is located at 32 ONeil Road, Alton, NH 03809.